Octangling, Week Four

Octangling is almost over! We are working on the last week, then just two more days in next week's tangles. I disappointed myself because I stopped using the designated tangles after day ten, then I remembered Octangling is about drawing each day. It doesn't necessarily have to be the tangles I provided for my FB group as long as I was tangling or drawing something each day. And I have been doing that. I have been working on step outs for the new book and making art - for the new book. And I am doing that daily so it counts! It does for sure! Hahahaha! Now I feel better! Whew!This piece of art is comprised of patterns that will be in that book. All except for printemps. But you are going to have to pick up a copy of the book when it publishes to find out more. Now, here are the seven tangles for this week. If you are interested, we are working through the month together in Tangle All Around, just click here to join us.  October 23, Sinko from Simone Menzel, CZT.  Inspiration ca…


Working in my medium Leda sketchbook last year and thought I'd share it here today. I am working every minute I can on 'the book' so there is no time to make new art right now. You will just have to enjoy some old art. Hahahaha! But this was serious fun - so you know you want to! My Leda sketchbook handles everything I throw at it. Especially when I prep the pages before I go all crazy with wet media and collage.  I am an ambassador with Leda Art Supply and I love their books for various applications but especially for collage art. As you scroll this post, you can click on any of the photos to see them larger.
The medium sketchbook measure 5.5" x 8.25" - it really is the perfect size for a quick collage project. And doesn't it look well loved? Hahaha!

Just a little impatient to get started, I selected some papers I had prepared ahead of time with clear watercolor ground and added some watercolors to a few pieces. This is the placement I decided on for these two…

Lindy's Magicals

I posted this piece of art on Instagram yesterday and had several people ask me to show how I made it. The color is all about Lindy's Magicals! Little pots of gorgeous color and I am going to show you my favorite way to use them. 
When I made this piece I knew it was going to be a keeper so I used a sheet of Harmony Hot Pressed watercolor paper fromHahnemühle. Also, I made this piece at nighttime, hence the shadows on the photos. Sorry. This sheet of 9" x 12" paper worked perfectly with the Ancient Ruins stencil I purchased at Joggles. You know how I am about stencils. Hahahahaha! Since the paper and the stencil were the same size - the stencil tended to stay in place better. I began by placing the stencil on top of my paper. Ta-da!

I took a tube of Liquitex Basics Modeling Paste and squeezed off some bits of it onto a styrofoam plate. In retrospect I probably could have used more room but I made this many bits of paste on one plate work. Next I used my palette knife and s…

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