Octangling, Week One


Once more it is that time of year. October! The month where we commit to tangle - or draw - or art - every day of the month. In hopes of developing a habit of art. Last year I worked on tiles, but I also made one larger piece incorporating all 31 of the tangles we used during October. And the first week of 2020 is already complete. Let me show you my tiles so far. And just so you know - I am already two days behind and that is alright. Remember - you can click on the photos to enlarge them. 

October 1: tangle is Jester from Marie Browning. I added zingers and tipple. All the tiles I am using this month were cut from either Bristol Illustrated paper or Harmony Hot Pressed Watercolor paper - both from Hahnemühle

October 2: tangle is Snelly from Hanny Nura. I chose to tangle Snelly as a fragment. 

October 3: tangle is Siri from Simone Menzel. Tangled as a fragment.

October 4: tangle is Meshmerize from Tomas Padros. This is the first time I was successful in drawing this pattern. Fun!

October 5: tangle is Tint from Henrike Bratz. Made a cute little row of bumble bees. I added some printemps and some blocks with a whole lot of auras!

October 6: tangle is Brandywine from Sue Jacobs. I love this pattern but had a hard time making it look right. Or at least my version of almost-right. Hahaha! But I still like it! I added a couple floral pieces to round it out. 

October 7: tangle is Twisted Corners from Alexandria Cortez Diaz. What fun! And I added foot lites. 

October 8: Divi from Jem Miller. I know when I selected Divi for this month that I wanted to mix it with mertail. So I did. And threw in a few printemps because . . .  printemps! Hahahaha!

And that catches me up to where I am two days late. Well, one day plus today's. I'll get them done. If you fall behind like I did - just jump back in when you can and keep going. Now let me show you the tangles for the next seven days. 

October 9: Garlic Clovers, Jacqueline Bredenoord.

October 10: Elbe, Annett Rümpler.

October 11: Starfish-Too, Nicole Dreyer. 

October 12: Oybay, Antonine Koval. 

October 13: Borbz, Rita N.

October 14: Beauchamp, Julie Beland.

October 15: RunCC, YuRu Chen.

I also gave the group four strings to work with this week. 

Want to join us? Come on over to Facebook and my group Tangle All Around by clicking here. I'll meet you at the door!

You can purchase Bristol Illustrated paper from Hahnemühle by clicking here

You can purchase Harmony Hot Pressed Watercolor paper from Hahnemühle by clicking here


  1. My favourite is Twisted Corners with Footlites - very striking indeed.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised with twisted corners, I figured mine would look like a mess but I was pleased with how it turned out.


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